Hey there, fresh faces! Ready to dive into the action-packed world of MUGEORGIA? We're thrilled to welcome you aboard as you start your epic journey with us. To kick things off with a bang, we've got something special just for you – our exclusive Newbie Bonus Pack

Behold the Magnificence of the Newbie Bonus Pack! 🎁

✅ Golden VIP Status: Illuminate your path to greatness with a dazzling aura of power! For an entire week, enjoy the prestigious Golden Week status, granting you enhanced abilities and bonuses to aid you in your quests.

✅ Pet Panda: Prepare to journey alongside a faithful companion unlike any other! For one week, experience the joy of companionship with your very own Pet Panda, a loyal ally who will increase your EXP with 50%.

Want to snag these sweet rewards? Just let us know you're new when you join, and these goodies are all yours. Can't wait to see you in the game – let's make some epic memories together in MUGEORGIA❗ 

Posted on 11 / 04 / 2024 By skhirtlo

Currently this is only one server.