Second Castle Siege Event 🏆

Hail, Valiant Warriors of MUGEORGIA❗ 
In the wake of a fierce clash for dominion, amidst the clangor of swords and the thunder of magic, one guild has emerged victorious, claiming the crown of triumph in our inaugural Castle Siege Event.

With honor and valor, we hereby proclaim guild Fathers as the triumphant champions of this monumental battle! Their strength, strategy, and unwavering resolve have secured them a place in the annals of history. As the new sovereigns of our realm, Guild Fathers shall wield dominion over the coveted Land of Trial. Within its confines lie treasures beyond measure - the elusive Jewel of Guardian and Ancient Items, guarded by the mighty Erohim, await their conquest In recognition of their valor, Guild Fathers shall receive 5000 Platinum Credits, a testament to their prowess and a key to unlocking rare and coveted treasures within our esteemed game shop.

Hail to the champions! Hail to Guild Fathers❗ 

Prepare, warriors, for the next chapter of our saga awaits. Destiny beckons, and the stage is set for new legends to rise.
Next Battle Date: April 28, 2024 📅
Event Time: 22:00 Server Time 🕒
Duration: 1 Hour ⏳

May the bravest prevail❗ 

Posted on 14 / 05 / 2024 By skhirtlo

Currently this is only one server.